Online Car Trackers

Introduction to Online Car Trackers

Online Car TrackersWhether you are an individual looking to provide better safety for your car or an employer looking to regulate your employees, online car trackers can be the solution that you are searching for. For an online car tracker to work a tracking device is placed on each vehicle that you need to track. This installation is generally easy and should take about a half an hour to complete. You can install this tracker yourself or you can have installation included in your purchase price. Most online services provide computer software that must be downloaded onto your computer system. The tracking device and the online software work together to provide you with real-time information that is easily accessible at the click of a mouse.

Features Offered Online

For an individual, online car trackers can give you complete peace of mind as they let you know where your vehicle is at all times.  By linking the tracker with your computer, you can easily track and locate your vehicle.  The online services also offer you a mapping program that lets you see your vehicle’s location at a street level view giving you a more precise location.  You can receive email alerts that let you know your car has moved or if it has entered an unusual area.  If you are a parent, this service can provide you invaluable information on your new driver’s location.

For an employer, online car trackers have been known to dramatically increase production and cut costs.  You will be able to monitor your employees’ location and movements throughout the day and you can be notified when the vehicle is idle for a long period of time allowing you to track your employees’ performance.  The online car tracker can also notify you when your driver is speeding.  It is proven that when employees know that they are being tracked they are better drivers.  Most online car trackers come with software that you download onto your computer and offer you a wide variety of reports to allow you to keep important records.  The software stores your vehicles history making it easy to go back and check each employee’s work history.

Choosing a Plan

There are many different types of online car trackers available, each with their own features, reports and software.  Choosing a plan that is right for you or your company depends greatly on the services you wish to receive.  Each plan should be looked at carefully to see which one best fits your needs and your budget.  When checking the prices of the different types of online car trackers make sure you take in to account the cost to install the tracking device and the monthly or annual cost that is associated with your online plan.
Be sure to determine who is responsible for software maintenance and that there is customer service available to answer any of your questions.  Two purchase options are available to you.  You can buy your online car tracker and pay your service fees either monthly or annually.  You can also rent the trackers and have the rental fees and the service fees wrapped into one monthly fee.