Lojack Car Tracker

Introduction to Lojack Car Trackers

Lojack Car Tracker Car trackers can be very expensive especially if you have a lot of cars. One of the cheapest alternatives is the Lojack car tracker which is said to have a ninety percent recovery rate. Lojack is said to be one of the best companies for car tracking devices as their system is an aftermarket tracking system which allows the automobile or the vehicle to be tracked by police. Lojack are said to specialise in tracking almost any type of vehicle and even include construction equipment on their list. The tracking devices are available almost anywhere in the world and due to their small size they can effectively be hidden inside any car or vehicle.

How does the Lojack Car Tracker Work?

The Lojack car tracker is a small radio transceiver that can be installed anywhere inside a car.  This is a huge advantage as depending on where it is placed it can make car thieves unaware of the device thus unable to disconnect it.  As soon as the Lojack car tracker is installed, the vehicles VIN is registered in a database which is connected to all law enforcement databases.  This means that if the car is stolen, you can simply report it to the police and the police will then enter the VIN of your vehicle.  

When the theft is reported to the police the Lojack car tracker is then activated and begins to emit a signal allowing the police to find the location of your car.  The signals given off by the tracker are received by tracking units that are located in police squad cars.  If the car is on the move, the tracking unit will display some sort of alphanumeric serial number in order to calculate the location and the direction of the vehicle.  This enables the police to quickly and efficiently find stolen cars and is the main reason why the Lojack car tracker has such a high success rate.

Other Products Offered by Lojack

Lojack have a number of products aside from car trackers that can help you find stolen vehicles, stolen equipment and even lost people.  The Lojack stolen vehicle recovery system is the most popular product that they have.  They also have an early warning system that will be activated when a vehicle is moved without any type of authorisation.  The company also have specific Lojack car trackers for motorbikes which is perfect considering how easy they are to steal.  

One interesting product that they have is a tracking system that can be simply installed onto a laptop enabling law enforcement agencies to track your laptop should it get stolen.  This is a very popular product and is bought in high numbers, especially by people who travel a lot or use their laptop for business.  The company even have trackers for people called the Lojack Safetynet which enable one to track people – ideal for people who have some sort of degenerative disorder such as Alzheimer’s or autism.