DIY Car Tracker

DIY Projects

DIY Car TrackerSeveral methods are available to you to create your own DIY car tracker.  Most of these projects can be completed rather easily and are more cost effective than having one professionally installed.  A minimal amount of electrical knowledge is helpful but is not necessary.  The easiest method would be to purchase one of the many kits that are available on the market today.  Each kit comes with the necessary materials and directions to allow you to easily install your car tracking device.

An alternative to purchasing a kit would be to simply create your own tracking device.  Making your own DIY car tracker can be very cost effective and should cost under £40.  You will need to have either an old mobile phone or you can purchase an inexpensive one for about £10.  You will also need to purchase a sim card to go with your phone.  This should be a pay as you go plan because you will not be using it very often and a £10 card should be fine to start with.  Once you add have your pay as you go card, you need to call and have your phone registered so that your service can begin.  You will also need to have a charger cable and connect your phone to a power source allowing you to continuously leave it on.

Where to Place it

Your DIY car tracker should be placed in a hard to find location within your car.  You want to be sure that any potential thief would have a hard time finding it. Some suggest that the glove compartment is a good place to hide your device but this is often the first place that a thief will check.  Even if your glove compartment has a lock, this will not deter any car thief. It is very important that you conceal this device that best way you can to help prevent any thieves from destroying it or getting rid of it and ending your tracking ability.

Tracking Service

No matter which method you use to create your DIY car tracker, you will need to register with a tracking service.  There are many services available and they all differ in various ways.  It is advised that you closely look at the plans available before making your selection.  Most DIY car trackers are simple and are used only to help track your vehicle if it has been stolen.  So you do not need a service that provides you with continuous tracking information.  A service that is only activated after you report your car stolen will be sufficient and can save you a substantial amount of money.

Tracking services also vary on how information is sent to you, overall costs involved, accuracy of tracking ability and other added features.  It is important that you sift through the plans information to choose the one that is right for you.  Most services will update you through your current mobile phone or internet service, these are the easiest to you and maintain.  Creating your own DIY car tracker is an easy and cost effective way to give you that extra measure of safety.