Car Tracking Review

Why a Tracking Device

Car Tracking ReviewStatistics show that in the UK, a car is stolen every two minutes. While that may be a scary statistic, there is a way to protect not just your family but also your car. Installing a car tracking device provides you with the best chance of finding your car. This car tracking review will help you determine not just if you need one of these systems but what features and costs to look for.

Many cars are being manufactured with security systems already built in but they fall short of helping you recover your vehicle once it has been stolen. A car tracking review will show you that installing a car tracking device will greatly increase you chance of recovery. For just a minimal amount of money, you can add an extra measure of safety for your family and your vehicle.

Tracking Device Features

There are so many different features to car tracking devices and many features are constantly being added to car tracking devices to provide you with even more security.  Some tracking devices come with the built in ability to track the normal use of your vehicle and notify you if the car is at an unusual location during an unusual timeframe.  Many devices also include a help button for you or your family to use in case they have an emergency or were in an accident.
Some devices now include a mapping console that actually allows you to zoom into a street level view of where your car’s current location is.  This is an amazing tool that allows police the ability to quickly recover your car for you.  For those who may want to use this device to track the location of the newest family driver, this mapping device will let you know exactly where your vehicle is at all times.

Some devices allow you to instantly disable your car from a remote location, stopping your car thief in their tracks.  You may also be able to activate sirens inside the car that may work to deter a thief.  Tracking devices also let you track the history of your vehicle, where it has been, what speeds it has done, fuel usage and even when certain maintenance is needed on your vehicle.

Choosing the Right Device for You

Due to the large number of options available, choosing the right car tracker for your individual needs can be a hard decision to make.  First, you should consider your budget.  Evaluate not only the original cost of the device but the monthly or annual fee for the tracking service.  The more features your car tracker has the more costly it will be.  Although many of the features may seem great, you should consider only those options that you believe you would regularly use.  Generally, these costs directly correlate to the amount of options that are available to you.  If you want a system that includes all of the extra tracking options like, fuel usage and sos alerts, than you can expect to pay more for those services.  You should ideally focus on selecting the one that fits both your needs and your budget.