Car Tracker UK

Introduction to Car Trackers in the UK

Car Tracker UKIn the last couple of years car trackers have become extremely popular in the UK.  One of the reasons for this is the fact that a car tracker is a very reliable device which can help you find out where your car is.  One of the most common reasons for installing a car tracker is to prevent car thefts.  Although it cannot prevent your car from being stolen, it can help locating it after it has been stolen and give you a chance to have your car back.

Another use of this device is for fleet management, which is mostly used by companies to manage their fleet of vehicles in order to get the optimum results when it comes to promptness of their services.  As a matter of a fact, car tracking devices can be used for anything you may need whether it is for safety reasons or controlling your employees or members of your family.

Types of Car Trackers in the UK

When it comes to choosing a car tracker that is the best for your needs, it is advisable to find out as much as possible about each type in order to get familiar with its advantages and disadvantages, which will help choose one of them.
There are two types of car tracking systems:

  • Passive car tracking system – this system of car tracking will provide you with details such as how many kilometres you covered, what places you visited and how fast you were driving.  These pieces of information are transferred to a computer through a short-range radio link after the vehicle has returned to its starting point.  This car tracker is good for car rental companies as they can watch renters’ activity, but it is also commonly used by many companies that operate fleets of vehicles in order to have an insight into how their employees are doing their job.  The advantage of installing this type of car tracker is that it is much cheaper than an active car tracker device.
  • Active car tracking system – this system of car tracking will provide you with the same details as the passive system, the difference being that it will provide you with real-time activities and the real-time position of your car.  This type of car tracking system is more expensive than the passive one, but it is much more useful in many situations.

When you are choosing a car tracker it is essential to be thoroughly informed about all the features a certain car tracker possesses in order to get exactly what you want.  Upon choosing the type of car tracking system, you need to choose a car tracker company.  One of the things that need to be considered is whether the company you decide on offers regional or national coverage to their clients, as the national coverage is much better than regional.  Getting all the information needed from several companies will give you the chance to choose an offer which you think is the best.