Car Tracker System

Introduction to Car Tracker Systems

Car Tracker SystemInstalling a car tracking system on your car can mean the difference between recovering your car and never seeing it again. Car dealers have spent a lot of time and money into making your car safe. The newest car models come equipped with security systems that are geared towards preventing a car thief from stealing your car. Unfortunately, the more experienced car thieves are able to crack even these new and advanced systems.

Within just a few hours after stealing a car, even the most inexperienced thief can have your car torn apart and the parts sold and shipped.  The best chance you have of recovering your car before it is sold for parts is to have a car tracking system already installed in your vehicle.  This system will give you and the police an instant location for your car and allow the thieves to be tracked.

How Does It Work

The first step is to purchase a car tracking system and have the small tracking devise installed somewhere in your car.  Generally, this tracking devise should be placed somewhere that it is not easily seen, so the thief does not get rid of it.  After this installation is complete, your car can be tracked.  Some systems allow you immediate access to track your car at all times whilst other systems will only begin the tracking process once you have reported the car stolen.  Usually, a car tracking system works through a GPS (Global Positioning System) system and has a monitoring system that is centrally located and works to track your car’s location.

Once your car has been reported stolen, the police will be able to work with you and your car tracking system’s company to quickly locate your car.  The ability to be able to locate your car within seconds of realising that it has been stolen can greatly increase your chances of having your car recovered before any damage is done to it.

Extra Features

For added safety, you may purchase a car tracking system that will monitor where your car goes.  If it is in an odd location or being used at an odd hour of the night, your company will call your just to make sure your car is safe.  This may let you know quicker that your car was stolen and allows you to report it to the police sooner.  Some tracking devises include the ability to remotely shut your car down and disabling the car in the hope that after being unable to move the car, the car thief would be scared away.

The Right Choice for You

A car tracking system is the number one best defence for finding your car after it has been stolen.  These systems can be rather pricey but there are many reasonably priced systems on the market.  A monthly or yearly fee is usually required to use one of these systems but they offer 24/7 service and work with the police on your behalf.  Some insurance companies also offer a discount to car owners who install tracking devices on their car.