Car Tracker Spy

Introduction to Car Tracker Spies

Car Tracker Spy

If recent events in your neighbourhood or sheer caution have helped you make up your mind into buying a car tracker spy, the next step involves deciding what model to buy and how to use it. Two options appear in front of you: you can either do the tracking yourself or, for a monthly fee, hire someone to do it for you.

Hiring a Car Tracking Company

The advantages of a car tracking company may not be initially obvious but it is for sure that taking such a step would ease your life a little.  For one, you will not have to worry about choosing the car tracker in itself – the company will basically choose one for you based on whatever suits your system and the chances are that it will be one of the best available.  Second of all, you don't have to worry about having the tracker server with you all the time as someone will be watching the car for you.  Obviously, that comes for a price, but if you're trying to escape the hassle, it will be worthwhile.

A short online search will help you identify a company in your area, but here are some suggestions:

  • Tracker  - Located in Cowley, but working nationwide, the company has impressive results with almost 20,000 recoveries, worth around £430 million.  On top of keeping up to date with the latest equipment in the field, the company boasts a good relationship with the law-enforcement forces, allowing them to collaborate in the case of a theft.
  • Blackbox Telematics - A company operating worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Blackbox Telematics also offers asset tracking and personnel tracking, if required.
  • Track-IT - Located in East Sussex, Track-IT offers car tracking services nationwide.  The website provides extensive information on car tracking products, but also reasons that might support choosing to invest in it.

Lots of other companies can be found at - a website that offers customer reviews for five car tracking companies, but also the contact information for 36 others, nationwide.

Choosing your own Car Tracking Equipment

There's a couple of obvious disadvantages to hiring someone to do (any) work for you: for one, it's an extra expense.  Second of all, by doing the job yourself, you can be pretty sure that the job will be done the way you want it, as opposed to based on a system that might or might not suit you.  However, that includes choosing your own equipment and for that you have to do some research, establish whether or not some features are worth the money you'd pay for them and eventually do the actual purchasing.  Here are some product recommendations:

  • Alaska Personal or Vehicle tracker (£119) – Co-ordinates locations by mobile phone SMS or Google Earth, has a 2 way talking mode with microphone and earphone included and functions worldwide – in case you intend to make any trips.
  • Snooper My-Trak WPT 250 (£110) – Allows you to share your trips, giving other people website access to your location.  It works also for possessions and pets and its battery can last up to 72 hrs.
GPS Car Tracker with GPRS (£95) – Also includes vehicle theft protection system.  This tracker offers global vehicle tracking, has SMS ability, a full-range of alarm functions – including the possibility of cutting the engine off and works as a tracking and safety device at the same time.