Car Tracker Security

Introduction to Car Tracker Security

Car Tracker Security

The technology of the world we live in is evolving very fast.  Only a hundred years ago American farmers would check for horse thieves with a shotgun in their hands.  Now it's much easier to fight car thieves – a good alarm system should alert just about everyone in the vicinity that something dubious is going on and so robbery is prevented from happening in the first place.  But just in case you don't trust that or you live in a place where not too many people would hear the alarm, a car tracker is the solution for you.

What is a Car Tracker?

A car tracker or is an electronic device that is installed into a car, basically transmitting its location at all times.  Sort of a GPS system, only the information is sent away from the vehicle, allowing the car owner to constantly be aware of his car's whereabouts.  The device is specifically useful when a car is being stolen – a police crew would be able to follow the signal instantly and locate the car quite soon after it is reported stolen.

The device, on top of transmitting the location, can be set up to signal to its owner when it is being stolen (for example, if the car is broken into – as opposed to being open normally with a key or remote control).  Lately, this has led to an increase in the amount of car keys being stolen – since thieves have caught on to the system quite fast.  Another tactic includes the fast delivery of a car to a safe location where the system is dismantled.

Car trackers have started being automatically included in newer car models but can also be installed at a later date.  There are also companies in UK that deal with keeping tabs on cars that have their own tracking systems installed, sparing the car owner the bother of having to keep an eye on the GPS tracking server (where the signal is received).

Additional Uses for a Car Tracker

While the car tracker has obvious advantage in the eventuality of a car being stolen, it can also be used in the following ways:

  • Companies that offer their cars to employees for their usage can make sure that the cars' users do not abuse the company trust.  The car tracker can ensure that the car is not being diverted from the company's activity.  The company can also refer its employee – if at any time he has trouble reaching his destination – and help him by tracking him and offering directions.
  • By tracking the cars' usual trips and their length, the time that it takes to fulfil the company's activities can be more easily monitored – even more efficient routes can be developed after analysis.
  • While the car tracker – as the name itself suggests – was created mainly to keep tabs on one's car, it does have the possibility of being installed on other types of assets, allowing you to also watch other precious valuables.