Car Tracker Prices

Introduction to Car Tracker Prices

Car Tracker PricesWhen purchasing a car tracking device price is always an important factor in your decision. Several factors are directly related to determining the cost of your tracking device. One factor is the degree of accuracy that the device is able to track your car. Another factor is whether certain features are included with your purchases such as alarms, remote ability to shut down the car engine, movement sensory alerts or illegal movement notifications. As you can see, the amount of features and accuracy of the device determine the car tracker prices.

Pricing Levels

The most cost effective way to have a car tracker is to make your own from a few simple products.  Just a basic mobile phone, a pay as you go sim card and a cable to keep the phone charged can provide you with a homemade car tracker and should cost you about £40.

Car tracker prices between £50 and £100 will provide you with a basic tracker, usually based on a GPS system.  These trackers can provide you with a basic location of your vehicle usually sent to you with longitude and latitude coordinates.  These coordinates can be entered into a basic online mapping program (not part of your car tracker plan) to find the location.  This price does not include installation but each tracker comes complete with installation directions.

Car tracker prices between £100 and £200 will include a few more features for your safety.  They may include an alarm system that you can remotely activate with hopes of scaring off a potential car thief.  Also included may be the ability to shut the gas or engine of your car off remotely, which will stop the car thief right in his tracks.  These car trackers also often include a SOS button that will allow you or your family to call for help in the event of an emergency or accident.  These trackers are a little more accurate in their location ability and work well to assist the police in locating your car.

Car tracker prices between £200 and £500 are the best products that you will be able to purchase and offer more features to provide you greater safety.  These devices offer compatible computer software that enables you to locate your vehicle right down to its exact location.  Also available to you is 24 hour surveillance which offers precautionary measures by keeping track of your cars movement.  They often include email or text message alerts to let you know when your car has moved from its location or made an illegal movement.  This price includes professional installation and most of the time comes with a warranty.  Most of these high end car trackers are approved by insurance companies and therefore could reduce your insurance rate.

Which Level is Best for You

While all of these options seem to be great, you may not really need every feature available to protect your car.  Even the homemade and basic models will be able to assist the police in locating your car.  Although they are not as precise, they are able to track it down to a small enough location that will assist the police.  When looking at the car tracker prices, you need to decide which feature will help you secure your car and which tracker fits into your price range.